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The Master of Science in Informatics provides world class specialization in terms of professional training and academic research.


The Master of Science in Informatics prepares students for current and emerging technologies in computer science by deepening their theoretical knowledge and sharpening their practical skills. The program is designed for both Bachelor students who wish to complete their  education and professionals seeking to refresh their knowledge and sharpen their skills. The Master combines the study of fundamental aspects of computer science with a practical hands-on approach, preparing professionals for successfully pursuing a career in research and development across any application domain.

Students can additionally obtain a specialisation in the following research areas:

About the Faculty of Informatics

The Faculty of Informatics stands out as an excellence center of competence in informatics and has become one of Switzerland's major poles for teaching and research. We aim to educate informatics experts using an interdisciplinary approach, with abstract thinking and generalization skills, a sound knowledge of information technology, as well as project management and teamwork abilities.

Double Master's degree

In collaboration with Politecnico di Milano the faculty proposes the unique opportunity to spend a period of time as study abroad aimed at achieving a double Master's Degree.


NOTE: study programme for students who started in the Academic Year 2014-2015